Thursday, 29 January 2009

What a blast over the Preseli mountains yesterday, the road rising to meet the tyres, no traffic, setting sun at my back, filling the mirrors with 100% dazzle. Unforgettable baby.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Motorcycle tours news

Looks like we'll be getting a feature in the new edition of "the ROAD" the official Motorcycle Action Group magazine. Offering MAG members a flat rate of just £50 for the weekend tours.

Interest still looking high, with 2 USA enquiries already in January for the guided tours

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Storm Warning

Well at least I started the bloody bike today! three weeks of frost and salt , followed by persistent rain mean the baby's been in the shed for longer than any other period in the last 3 years. As I sit awaiting the promised storm that the BBC have predicted, followed by some snow - (cheers)- I'm starting to wonder when the next decent ride is coming up.

Bookings are a little slow right now, April is looking promising with one full weekend already, though I expect it'll be a last minute kind of year.

Motorcycle hire looks very promising with TT superbikes coming on board as partners, plus there's some additional accommodation at the Ancient Briton just down the road from here, great Real Ale pub.

I'm hoping that touratech will play ball in some small way when they get back from the Dakar, with shop visits, maybe even join in with their march open day.

Also hearing protection specialists "earpods" look like they'll be giving us a franchise to supply custom earplugs, with sound attenuation filters to take out the wind noise. I can see my non tour weekends at the various biker meets sticking putty in various lug 'oles!

I'm planning to give up the dreaded weed in the next week or so, which will be hard at fag breaks! Maybe I shoud resolve to give the car up as well and get some bloody riding in.

Other targets for teh year include a full k&n, dynojet and rolling road tune at Matts machine shop, plus a fresh rear shock for the old girl. Probably some livery as well, tours and earpods, possibly the bike hire logo's too. Might need a belly pan then, for some extra ad space.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

How the motorcycle tours work…

In a complicated world, having fun should be simple…so this is too..

Motorcycle tours are based on 2 nights stay, though you’re more than welcome to stay as long as you like!

Friday night is meet, greet and eat. We'll do the intro's get a feel for each other (steady on…) have a bit of grub and beer or three and tuck into bye bye's nice and early like good children.

At least that’s how it’s supposed to go…

Saturday is up and brekkied by 9.30, for a 10.00 start, we’ll already have agreed what you want to see, so we’ll get straight on with seeing it! There’ll be stops at least every hour to stretch, smoke, grab a cuppa and just generally chat and marvel at the view and gabber about the ride so far.

We'll find somewhere nice for lunch, and then carry on about our business at a gentler pace whilst the food settles. Punctuating the afternoon with some more stops, eventually we’ll realise we’re bloody miles away and everyone needs a pint and a hot shower, so we’ll head back to base.

After hot milk, biccies and an early night (optional, but don't blame me just bring nurofen) we’ll break your fast and be off around 9.30 on Sunday, this time for a shorter run, taking in some of the spectacular local scenery, have you back by 2.oo for Sunday lunch, then you can pack and head home, go back out on the road and stay the night, or just chill out with a couple of beers and we’ll come back and keep you company till everyone’s to tired to talk anymore.keep track at