Monday, 9 February 2009

Business Opportunity - for Bikers

Hearing Protection for motorcyclists - custom made anyone?

Hearing protection for Motorcyclists... Has anyone tried custom made earplugs? See , I'm working on a business plan for them, a mobile fitting service for bikers, by bikers...a business you can carry out on a bike...has it got wings? All comments and observations gratefully accepted extract below..

Hearing protection for bikers - a Quick guide Foam plugs * The well-known ‘foam plugs’ isolate your ear completely. Yes, you will hear less wind noise, but unfortunately you’ll also hear less of your engine and of the traffic that surrounds you. Also many people find the foam plugs uncomfortable to wear, they don’t fit well and they soon loosen. For reasons of hygiene and comfort - our the advice is use new ones on a regularly basis, because they are developed for single use only * Earpods: the customized hearing protector * Earpods are tailor-made hearing protectors. Earpods consist of two components: an earpiece and a filter system. From the print of your ear an optimum fit earpiece is developed in the laboratory. The special wind noise filters are inserted in the earpieces, so that your engine and the traffic that surrounds you (including sounding horns, emergency vehicles etc) is perfectly audible. Your hearing is not isolated. The clinically developed soft material is comfortable to wear, has a longer lifetime (we suggest between 4 and 5 years!) and has a better attenuation.

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  1. This sounds too good to be true! But I fear will be beyond my means to pay for... sad but true...
    I hope it is the way to riches for ya Craig!